Waste Strategy

Waste Strategy

Council started a project in 2009 to develop a sustainable and equitable waste strategy for the City. The Waste Strategy initially focused on household (domestic) waste because it makes up 70 per cent of all the City's waste that goes to landfill.

After public consultation, in 2011 Council resolved to introduce a phased 3-bin service for household waste.

In 2015, after public consultation, Council adopted the City of Lake Macquarie Waste Strategy (2015-2023).

The strategy:

Lake Macquarie is also participating in the Draft Hunter Region Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2014-2021

Lake Macquarie's phased 3-bin service

In February 2011, Council resolved to introduce a phased 3-bin service for household waste consisting of:

The next steps in the 3-bin service

Why are we changing the service?

The phased 3-bin service will save landfill space, keep waste costs affordable (for you and Council) and help us make valuable compostable material that was once considered waste.

Did you know? In its first two years of service, Lake Mac residents used their green waste bins to divert over 67 Olympic-sized swimming pools of garden waste from landfill.

Did you know? Our City-wide bin audits show one-third of the material in the average garbage bin is food waste (by weight), and the average garbage bin is about two-thirds full. When all food waste goes in the green waste bin, and the three-bin service is utilised to its full potential, there should be extra available space in the garbage bin.

Benefits of this service

This phased 3-bin service is being implemented for a number of reasons:

Twenty five other councils in NSW have successfully implemented the same or a comparable bin system that we are adopting because of the financial, practical and environmental benefits it delivers.

Find out more about why our current system was the preferred household waste management system for our City by reading the Background of phased 3-bin service page.

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