Learn to Swim

Lake Mac Swim Centres deliver fun and affordable learn to swim programs that will teach your child the life-long skill of swimming so they can be comfortable, strong and happy in the water.

We are partnered with Royal Life Saving and our levels work in conjunction with the ‘Swim and Survive’ program which teaches children water safety skills as well as learning to swim.

Class ratios are within the recommended Royal Life Saving guidelines and your child will participate in classes suitable for their age and aquatic competency – we will invite you to a free pool assessment to ensure you are learning the appropriate skills from the very start. Learn to swim programs are offered at all four council-managed Swim Centres - Charlestown, Swansea, West Wallsend, and Speers Point.

How do I book a Free Assessment for my child?

We require an in-person assessment for most learn to swim and squad enrolments. This ensures that your child is placed in the correct class level from the very first lesson. To book a squad or learn to swim assessment, please call our friendly staff at the centre you wish to enrol with.

Term programs

To fit into most children’s school routines, we run our swim terms in alignment with school terms. Our term schedule (below) offers a variety of lesson times available weekdays and both Saturday morning and afternoons. Lessons are run for 30 minutes or 45 minutes for transition levels.

Our term program is $13 per lesson paid in term blocks. If you book and start mid-way through the term, the cost of the term will be adjusted according to how many weeks are remaining. If you book in for 2 or more lessons per week, the cost is $11 per lesson, paid in term blocks.

We do not run learn to swim, squad or fitness programs on public holidays, and your month (for squads) or term (for learn to swim) payments are adjusted accordingly.

Term schedule - 2018 term dates

School holiday intensive programs

Our school holiday intensive programs are run as one-week intensive blocks during each school holiday period. Book into a five-day program for one, two or three weeks and watch your child improve over the course of just one week. Reinforcing the skills gained in learn to swim classes each day helps your child retain information quicker.

Lessons run for 30 minutes, and bookings are made for the same time each day for one week.

Our intensive program is $11 per day, paid in full for the five-day program before the first lesson.

Private lessons

Lake Mac Swim Centres offer private lessons for all ages and abilities. Private lessons are a good way to give you or your child specialised advice, or kick-start your term or month enrolment. We offer 15 minute private lessons for $22, and 30 minute private lessons for $37, and must be paid before the start of the lesson. Private lessons are scheduled at a convenient time for both you and your chosen instructor.

Corporate Fitness

We offer a subsidised rate for squad coaching, learn to swim, and fitness program fees for corporate fitness members of participating clubs. Learn to swim programs are a per session price of $9.50 per lesson (regardless of how many lessons you attend per week), paid in term blocks. Just present your corporate fitness membership card to our reception team before each lesson, and they will do the rest.

If you have any questions regarding our corporate fitness program fees, please contact your local Lake Mac Swim Centre.

Class Levels


Age guide: 6 months to 2.5 years

Swim and Survive program levels: Wonder 1-3

This infant and parent class is a fantastic way for infants to experience the water and commence their learning of valuable, life-long water safety and swimming skills. Instructors provide guidance for parents on ways to hold your child in an aquatic environment and progress through activities that facilitate your child's early aquatic learning in an atmosphere that is fun and stimulating.


Age guide: 2.5 years to 5 years

Swim and Survive program levels: Courage 1-3

This class allows children to develop water confidence and introduces basic swimming fundamentals such as blowing bubbles, submersion and propulsion through water. Children are also taught survival skills including floating and treading water.


Age guide: 3.5 years to 5 years

Swim and Survive program levels: Courage 4-5

Children will continue to refine their safety skills such as entries and exits, sculling and kicking. This class introduces freestyle technique and children will begin to learn breathing techniques for swimming.


Age guide: 5+ years

Swim and Survive program levels: Active D1-1

This class provides children with familiarisation of water and develops their confidence and knowledge of safety within aquatic environments. Children will learn breathing skills, floating and maintain body position during swimming strokes, as well as good streamlining technique.


Age guide: 5+ years

Swim and Survive program levels: Active D2-2

In this class, children will develop correct body position and breathing, and underwater skills such as streamlining and kicking, while swimming freestyle over distances of 3 metres. Instructors will also introduce children to safety equipment and survival techniques.


Age guide: 5+ years

Swim and Survive program levels: Active D3-3

Children will develop endurance in freestyle, swimming distances of up to 10 metres, and commence learning backstroke skills, breaststroke and butterfly kick. This class further develops safety and survival skills, and introduces safe diving.


Age guide: 5+ years

Swim and Survive program levels: Active 5-5

This class refines the strokes of freestyle and backstroke, and introduces breaststroke arms while continuing development of breaststroke kick. Children will increase endurance conditioning and enhance swimming technique over distances of 15m. Safety and survival skills are reinforced as children develop techniques and make judgements when performing aquatic rescue scenarios.

Our Instructors

Our instructors hold either AUSTSWIM (Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety) qualifications or qualification with the Australia Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (Swim Australia Teacher). We have teachers with specialised qualifications in infant and pre-school aquatics, adult learning, access and inclusion and competitive strokes, to ensure your family has the best possible learning experience. In addition to professional qualifications, all Lake Mac Swim Centres program staff receive intensive in-house training to ensure that classes are delivered in accordance with our lesson plans, on-time and to the high standard expected at our centres.

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