About Food+Garden=Green

Our greener 3-bin service

We will move to Phase 2 of the 3-bin waste service on 30 July 2018. This means there will be changes to which bin you place your food waste in and the collection frequency of the green and garbage bins.

Exactly what is changing

What stays the same

Did you know

The average Lake Mac garbage bin contains around one third food waste, and most garbage bins are not full every week.

Why we are changing

The 3-bin service is changing because the new service is the most cost effective solution for managing our waste and it will extend the life of our only landfill (in Awaba). Extensive community consultation has shown that this service is our community’s preferred option for managing our waste.

We are building the Lake Macquarie Organics Resource Recovery Facility at Awaba, which will compost food waste along with garden waste. Once it is built, green bins will accept all food. Food waste smells as it begins to decompose so we need to continue to collect food weekly.

The greener 3-bin service gives all residents the opportunity to separate food waste from garbage and do something practical to help the environment.

Start of our greener 3-bin service

Our greener 3-bin service will start 30 July 2018. A starter kit will be delivered to all Lake Mac homes from mid-June and will include the food scraps bin for your kitchen, a supply of compostable bags and an information pack including your new Waste Services Guide. We will also be providing new stickers for your green bin.

Getting Ready

A trial of the service in Spring 2016 showed that the majority of residents will manage with the change. Many of the trial participants preferred the service.

Page last updated: 14 May 2018