Food+Garden=Green service

Food+Garden=Green. Our greener 3-bin service starts in mid-2018.

From mid-2018, we will move to Phase 2 of our 3-bin service. When this change happens, food will be able to go into your kerbside green bin along with garden waste.

All material in the bin will be taken to a new composting facility at Awaba, where it will be processed into nutrient-rich compost and soil conditioners for use in agriculture and on parks and gardens.

Green bins will be emptied weekly and garbage bins will be emptied fortnightly. There are no plans to reduce the size of the garbage bin, and there will be no changes to the recycling service.

All residents will be advised of the exact service start date well in advance. In the meantime, please explore the information provided on our website to learn more about the reasons for the change, what exactly is changing, and how you can get ready.

About Food+Garden=Green

The facts about what’s changing and when

The journey so far

Background of the 3-bin service

Food+Garden=Green Trial

In 2016, 70 households trialled our new service for 66 days

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