Food+Garden=Green service

Our greener 3-bin service starts in mid-2018.

From 30 July 2018, all food scraps go into your green bin along with garden waste.

All food, along with garden waste, will go to a new composting facility at Awaba where it will be processed into Australian Standard compost. This means:

Why weekly green and fortnightly garbage

Around one third of the waste in garbage bins is food, and decomposing food is the main source of smell in our bins. Once food moves from garbage to the green bin, it needs to be collected weekly to minimise smell.

A starter kit will be delivered to your home. It will include:

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About Food+Garden=Green

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The journey so far

Background of the 3-bin service

Food+Garden=Green Trial

In 2016, 70 households trialled our new service for 66 days

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