Food+Garden=Green service

Our greener 3-bin service has begun

All food scraps will go into your green bin along with garden waste.

Did you get a thumbs up on your bin? Enter the sort it right draw here.

*Terms and conditions apply

Sort it right

Did you get a “thumbs up” on your bin? Enter the sort it right draw here.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most commonly asked questions

Managing nappies

Tips on managing a fortnightly garbage service

What goes where

Learn which items will go in which bins

The journey so far

Background of the 3-bin service

Compostable bags

Order additional bags and read frequently asked questions

Upcoming Food+Garden=Green pop-up event locations

We have been out and about all across the City to help you as we transition to a greener 3-bin system. Come and visit us at one of the following locations:

Date Time Location
Wednesday 1 August 11am-1pm Windale Gateshead Bowling Club, 2a Lake Street, Windale
Saturday 4 August 10am-1pm Bunnings, Corner TC Frith Avenue and Munibung Road, Glendale
Tuesday 7 August 10.30-11.30am Toronto Library, Corner Brighton Avenue and Pemell Street, Toronto

Thursday 16 August


Charlestown Square Shopping Centre, ground floor near Best and Less - Pearson Street, Charlestown

Sunday 19 August 7.30am-12:30pm Toronto Markets, Anzac Parade, Toronto

Page last updated: 10 August 2018