Lodgement and assessment

Ready to lodge your development application? Find out how to do it and the steps that occur between lodgement and determination of your application.

You can use Council's dedicated Application Tracking tool to track the progress of development applications accross the City. Our Guide to application tracking explains how to use the tool.

Building and development process

We outline the steps involved in the development application process

Lodge an application

What you need to know when you are ready to lodge an application

Lodgement interviews

A lodgement interview is required for all medium and major development ap…

Application tracking

Locate and track development applications online with our DA tracker.


Some applications must be made public for comments from other parties

Integrated development

Integrated development seeks to link development consent with associated …


Find out how a development application is assessed by Council


The review process of development applications

Steps after approval

After obtaining consent, you may still need to submit other documentation

Lodge online

Lodge BAL certificates, plumbing and draining notice of works, and tree a…

Privately certified lodgements

Pre-approved customers can use online services to lodge their applications

Page last updated: 27 April 2017