Strategies for the future

Strategic plans

Community Strategic Plan 2013-2023

The Community Strategic Plan 2013-2023 captures our shared vision for our City.

As Council's key strategic planning document, the Plan presents the main priorities of the community and sets out the long-term strategies developed to respond to these.

The Plan is reviewed every four years, following an election.

See the Community Strategic Plan 2013-2023 to learn more about the constructive partnership between Council and the people of Lake Macquarie.

How we resource our Community Strategic Plan

The Resourcing Strategy is a supporting document that highlights the resources required to fulfil the Plan. It is also reviewed every four years and it incorporates long term:

Read our Resourcing Strategy for more details. Just like the Community Strategic Plan, the Resourcing Strategy is reviewed every four years.

Shaping our City

Lifestyle 2030

Lifestyle 2030 is a Council endorsed strategy produced from a review of Lifestyle 2020.

The document outlines the strategies necessary to manage the population and employment growth expected to occur in the City for the period until the year 2030.

View the Lifestyle 2030 Strategy to learn how Council intends to manage private and public development in Lake Macquarie.

Master plans and structure plans

Council prepares master plans and structure plans to guide future development of specific areas in our City.

Learn how we are addressing environmental, social and economic issues while planning for growth and change in the City by reading our Strategic Planning page.

Digital economy

We have prepared a strategy to capitalise on emerging digital technologies. The strategy identifies 18 initiatives that will help boost the local economy, improve Council’s performance, and ultimately enhance the lifestyle of residents.

Read our Lake Mac Smart City, Smart Council Digital Economy to find out more. 

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