Environmental research grants

The Lake Macquarie Environmental Research Grants program is design to support projects that will assist Council and other environmental managers to develop appropriate land use practices, plan remedial and preventative works as well as adjust management strategies.

Since 1987, Lake Macquarie City Council, with assistance from sponsors, has provided over 140 grants to support environmental management of Lake Macquarie City.

Sponsors of the Lake Macquarie Environmental Grants for 2016-2017 included Delta Electricity, Origin Energy, and Hunter Water Corporation.

Who can apply

Potential researchers from universities - students and academics - or other research-based organisations are encouraged to apply to undertake environmental research projects

How much money is available

A successful applicant can expect to receive up to $8,000. Higher sums have been approved under special circumstances.

What do grant funds cover

 Grant funds are to cover consumables and costs incurred during field works. It can also cover laboratory works, computing, printing etc.

Payments of wages, purchasing of durables, or living allowances, are not eligible grant components.

The Environmental Research Grant program will not fund university administration charges.

What types of projects can receive funding

This year, more funds are available to encourage projects that have been identified as warranting research and include:

When are funds made available

The grants are offered once a year and funds are made available in July each year.

Applications for 2017-2018 are now open and will close at 5pm Monday 29 January 2018.

How to apply

Download the Information Package for more information. Complete the 2017-2018 Environmental Research Grants application form and specify the following details:

Email your application to ssarkar@lakemac.nsw.gov.au

Enquiries about the environmental research grants

If you have any enquiries, contact our Sustainability Risk Officer on 02 4921 0333.

Page last updated: 31 October 2017