City works

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Council advises the following road, footpath, cycleway, drainage works and other infrastructure projects are currently being conducted throughout the City.

The works listed below are subject to weather conditions and other priorities.

Location Expected completion Activity


Sturt & Mulga Streets

December 2016 Road Rehabilitation


Wangi Road and Wilton Road

February 2017 Intersection upgrade

Warners Bay

John Street Oval

March 2017 Construction of car park


The Boulevarde

End 2017 Main street revitalisation of streetscape


Tennis Courts

February 2017 Retaining wall construction

Cameron Park

Bellona Chase Park

December 2016

Earthworks, including landscaping, footpaths and half-court basketball

Future playground to be installed first half of 2017

Rankin Park

Atherton Close

December 2016

Road rehabilitation from Elbrook Drive to end, including Bond Close


Alan Davis Fields

April 2017

Construction of new sporting field, including a new car park

Wyee Point

Bath and Short streets

April 2017 Road rehabilitation with kerb and gutter, along with drainage, also including intersections of cross streets


Illford Avenue

End 2016 Drainage works, including installation of Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT)


T.C Frith Avenue

Early 2017 Stage 3B Speers Point to Glendale cycleway – Second Street to Railway Bridge



Page last updated: 15 December 2016